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3 Suggestions For Keeping Your Carpet Looking Nice

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Every homeowner has experienced dirty carpet. Perhaps you have noticed a smell that you can't seem to get out, or you have a stain that looks terrible. Carpet is a major part of your home and it's cleanliness should not be ignored. Here are a couple things that you can do to better care for your carpet.

1. Wear Socks In The House

Many people have a no shoe policy in their home. This is a great policy and should be honored by all who enter the house. But what many people do not understand is that bare feet is also terrible for the carpet. Your feet have oils on them that can transfer to the carpet. Oil is much hard to get out of the carpet than even simple water-based stains. This is why it is best if you can encourage those in your house to wear socks. You will be amazed at how much wearing socks can prolong the life of your carpet. It will keep it looking vibrant and avoid the oils from damaging the carpet.

2. Vacuum Daily

Some people think that if they don't see the dirt than it isn't a problem. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Even though you don't see the dirt and grime doesn't mean that it isn't get pushed into the fibers of the carpet every time someone steps on it.

The goal is to keep the dirt as close to surface level as possible and always vacuum it up. You should never go days or weeks without vacuuming. This is especially the case if you have pets or young children in the home who tend to track in more dirt than the normal person would.

3. Apply Sealant After Cleaning

When you get your carpets professionally cleaned (from a specialist, such as those from Atlantic Carpet Care) you should ensure that they are applying a sealant at the end. The sealant is great because it protects the roots of the carpet. Essentially it keeps all the dirt surface level so that it is easy to vacuum up.

Some people might think that this is a bad thing, because your carpet may look dirty after the days use. However, it protects the carpet from long-term damage. And so long as you are vacuuming the area often you shouldn't have to worry about it becoming too visibly dirty.

These are just couple simple tips that every homeowner should take to heart. In so doing, you will protect your carpet and keep it looking nice.