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Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Spring signals the time of year when a feeling of renewal permeates the air, and yard work adventures await. Here is your outdoor spring cleaning checklist for a picture perfect yard.

Clean Up And Waste Removal

Heavy snow in winter often accumulates on tree branches, causing weaker ones to snap and fall to the ground. Your first task is to drag heavy branches to a pile that you can have taken away to your town's recycling center. If the limbs are too heavy or dangerous to move, call a yard waste company to take care of this task for you.

Next, use a wheelbarrow to collect smaller branches from your yard. These can be piled up and saved for kindling if you want.

Fallen leaves that are left on the ground from the autumn can impede new grass growth in the spring. Use a rake to remove leaves, pine needles, pine cones and other natural debris from your lawn. Deposit them onto your compost pile if you have one, or burn the pile if your town allows it. Otherwise, you can place this natural debris into bags for yard waste removal from a company like Atomic Roll-Off.

Invigorate Your Lawn

Your grass could use a little invigorating after the long winter. The best way to accomplish this is to run a rake gently through it to loosen the matted grass blades and aerate the top layer of soil. Your grass is still delicate at this early part of the year, so gentle raking is all that is needed.

Evaluating Cosmetic Needs

Look around your yard to evaluate what else needs to be done to make it look better, as well as to promote new growth.

  • Shrubbery may need to be pruned. Make sure you are familiar with the best pruning techniques for each variety of bush you have.
  • If you have bird feeders, you may need to clean up the area around the bottom of the feeder.
  • Mulch will need to be refreshed or added to. Over the winter, a lot of mulch gets embedded into the ground, so you'll probably need to buy a few bags to top it off.
  • Walkways will need to be swept and/or cleaned. Branches and other natural debris may have left stains on your pavers or concrete. You can rent a power washer to hose down your sidewalk, paths, and driveway if necessary.

Once you have your yard cleaned up in the spring, you'll feel better about welcoming in the new year.