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3 Signs Your Septic System Is In Trouble

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When your septic system is on the verge of a complete malfunction, certain signs will be present. Unfortunately for some homeowners, some of those signs are not as apparent as others. By knowing what to look for, you can ward off any problems before your system fails:

The Grass

One of the biggest clues that your septic system will give you that there is a problem is the health of your grass. The sewage from your system can act as a fertilizer for your grass. When you have a system leak, the area in which the leak has occurred will probably be covered with vibrant green grass. You should be extra wary of patches of green grass when there is a dry spell in your area. 

At the same time, the areas with the best grass might be soggy. You might even notice standing pools of water on your lawn. The pools of water are from your septic, so there will also be an unpleasant odor present. 

The Toilet

As the septic system starts to malfunction, your drains will take longer to clear. At some point, they can even start to back up. When they do, some of it will appear in your toilets in the form of a foul smelling black liquid. The sewage is not only smelly and unsightly, but it is also a health hazard. It is important that you and your family do not attempt to clear the drain to avoid exposure to the sewage. 

The toilet backing up can also be accompanied with the sound of gurgling in your pipes. When you flush the toilet or run water in your sinks, the pipes can make a gurgling noise as the water slowly drains. 

The Alarms

If your septic tank is equipped with alarms, they sound to indicate there is a problem, such as a full tank. The alarms are set to sound when the tank is filling faster than it should. A quickly filling septic tank can occur because a component of the tank, such as pump or float, is not functioning as it should. The alarms can also go off if there is a lot of ground water that is getting into the system. 

Resolving the issue that is causing your septic system to malfunction could be as easy as cleaning the tank. Whatever the cause of the problem, it is important to call in a pro to assess the tank's condition and help repair it. To learn more, contact a company like The Outhouse with any questions you have.