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Questions To Ask When You Look For Dumpster Rental Company For Your Home Construction Project

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Building a home is a major event that involves all different kinds of materials, and unfortunately, a lot of trash and waste. Because you do not want your home building site to be a mess through the construction process, it is important to have a rented dumpster delivered early on. Having a dumpster on site through the duration of the home build will help keep things tidy and safe so work can flow smoothly. However, not all dumpster rental companies are the same in what they offer. Here is a look at a few questions you should be asking when looking for the best dumpster rental companies for your home construction project. 

Does the dumpster rental company have multiple dumpster sizes available?

This is one thing many DIY home builders don't consider when they rent a dumpster, but having access to various sizes of dumpsters is actually really important. If you have a company that provides smaller sizes and larger sizes, it is easier to pick a dumpster that will accommodate your needs as they change through the construction process. This is important because you could be working with limited available space, but also because it can be more financially logical to rent a larger dumpster than to rent a smaller one and have to have it retrieved multiple times for emptying. 

How close is the dumpster rental company to your home building site?

Being left without a place to put trash because your dumpster has been retrieved for emptying is not a good thing during a home construction project. Therefore, it is best if you find a dumpster rental company that is as close to your home construction site as possible. This means that when a receptacle is retrieved and then redelivered, you will not be left facing long wait times without a dumpster because the dump site is so far away.

Will the dumpster rental company charge you by weight or number of dumpsters used?

There are all kinds of factors that go into figuring the price charged for a rented dumpster, such as:

  • the size of the dumpster rented
  • the distance from the waste company
  • the weight of the waste or the number of loads of waste

While all factors are important, the fact that some companies will charge per dumpster load and some will charge by the ton of waste is perhaps the most important when determining which company is the best. If the company charges per load, a lengthy project could leave you with a huge waste bill to contend with, especially if they only have smaller units available.